It’s good that you have them. Various medicines make and keep you healthy. The downside however is that the leftovers and residues get into the environment in large quantities and pollute water and soil, for example via the wastewater from your households. Although the organism metabolizes the drugs, it is usually not able to break down the active ingredients completely. A part is excreted and finds its way into the sewage treatment plant via the toilet.

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Medicines and the environment: HGH kaufen

The technology there can filter out a lot, but a number of chemical compounds remain and ultimately end up in water bodies and groundwater. Around 270 pharmaceutical substances have been detected in rivers and lakes, in groundwater, and in the soil. Painkillers, antihypertensives, antibiotics, and X-ray contrast media are particularly common.

The biological effects persist and affect plants, animals, and entire ecosystems. There is very unlikely to be any immediate risk to your health. Ultimately, however, everything that ends up in the environment comes back to you at some point. For example in the form of increased resistance to antibiotics or a growing number of Allergies, according to scientists. Obtaining clean drinking water is also becoming increasingly difficult. Each individual can help minimize the problem.

Only as much as necessary

You cannot prevent active ingredients from leaving your body naturally. Environmentally friendly use of medicines starts with taking them. Keep yourself healthy and fit. If you are not sick, you do not cause any waste of medicines in the first place. If you do get it, take it easy, try home remedies and stay at home to avoid infecting anyone.

Do not take any medication prophylactically or on suspicion. Ask your pharmacy team which medicines are useful in individual cases and which are not. In this way, you prevent the intake of unnecessary substances and protect your wallet and the environment. For recommended or prescribed supplements, stick to dosage recommendations. The less you take, the better for nature and for the organs.

Leftovers in the household waste

The easiest way to protect the environment from medicines is to never dispose of HGH kaufen medicines down the toilet or sink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s solid or liquid. The right place for sorted medicines is the residual waste bin. With a few exceptions, you can easily dispose of tablets, drops, and the like in this way. Household waste is either incinerated or mechanically and biologically treated. In the process, the active pharmaceutical ingredients are destroyed or inactivated and no longer pose a risk to the environment. Refrain from rinsing containers with leftover medication.