A lot’s a lot pollution as you think of – Pollution is caused by progression and development that’s currently happening on a regular basis. With the increase of technology more and more development is happening to be able to enhance the quality of life. This giving a high degree of comfort and a lifestyle that is wealthy but is diminishing the worth of human health; the requirement to have a healthy and good environment is ignored.

Water Pollution – Any sort of contaminants or components entering the water bodies such as of cause water contamination, oceans, lakes, ponds, and river. Like washing cleaning and dumping waste, human activities contribute to water contamination. The soaps and detergents used nowadays are made from materials that produce contaminants and chemicals free. Dumping waste like bottles, cans, and plastic materials pose threat. It destroys life but is hazardous to life.

Air Pollution – Air pollution is caused by the release of harmful substances from the air. One of the factors that are contributing that are major is pollution is the number of vehicles on street is increasing. Aside from that, industries indulged in petrochemicals, cement, steel, mines, power plant, and steel generate. This sort of pollution has caused harm. The ozone layer protects the earth from sun’s ultraviolet radiation has been damaged due to human abusive activity.

Soil Pollution – Soil pollution is defined as the contamination of soil. Nowadays pesticides and artificial materials are used for agriculture. Substances release contaminants which also prevent the development of the plants cultivated on land and create an imbalance in the soil. Key factors are toxic waste, sewage tablets agriculture practice, use of pesticides, deforestation, strip mining, and certain actions like littering and dumping.

These all pollution has an effect to all of us ( humans, plants, animals and other micro-organisms ) because we live on the same planet, we lived in the same ecosystem, we humans should must initiate in fixing these issue, since we are the one who’s responsible for destroying our planet.