Hormone-like substances have a great influence on the testosterone level in the male and female body. The so-called environmental hormones are hidden in many things. This includes medicines, packaging materials, cosmetics, household items and food. This can enter the human hormone balance unnoticed. Environmental hormones whose harmfulness has been proven in animal experiments are also known as endocrine disruptors. The effect of environmental hormones in the body is manifold. By binding to the body’s own substances, they can trigger a blockage in a similar way to the body’s own substances. They can also disrupt production or degradation or transport in the metabolism.

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Disorders from environmental hormones

These environmental hormones contribute to an increase in health disorders and hormone-dependent diseases. In addition to a drop in testosterone levels and a decrease in fertility, various researchers also consider environmental hormones to be the cause of some health problems occurring more frequently.

One remedy to increase testosterone levels is testosterone enanthate (testosteron enantat). People with deficiency can take advantage of this drug provided they consult their physician.

Studies on the effect of plasticizers on testosterone production in the fetus

For decades, a large number of studies have indicated that hormone-like substances from the environment interfere with the human hormonal balance. A more recent American study published in 2010 also confirmed that plasticizers, as endocrine disruptors, affect the development of the reproductive organs in rodents and children by plasticizers probably already reducing testosterone production in the fetus.

The consequence of the environmental hormones is that the testicles do not descend completely or the genitals are smaller. The study also found that the two plasticizers, diethylhexyphthalate and dibutylphthalate, caused boys to play with dolls rather than boys’ toys when the two hormone-like substances were present in excess in the womb during pregnancy.

The researchers were thus able to prove that hormone-like substances also affect the brain. In addition to gender-specific development, they influence children’s behavior when playing. Girls, on the other hand, showed no reaction to the plasticizers. However, other plasticizers did not show any influence on the play behavior of boys.

Search for suitable test methods to detect environmental hormones

Many of the environmental hormones cannot be legally regulated due to a lack of detection methods. While scientists are still looking for suitable detection methods for the hormonal activity of the suspected environmental hormones, there has been a political effort for some time to ban these environmental hormones or restrict their approval because of their toxic properties.

Health protection on the subject of environmental hormones is supported internationally by the World Health Organization. The aim is to facilitate research to identify the hormone-like substances and identifying and closing knowledge gaps.