Your sleep behavior has changed with the introduction of the light bulb. Nowadays, indoor and outdoor lighting systems make the world shine. The outdoor lighting has now reached dramatic proportions.

External light sources and sleep positions

adjustable bed

Think, for example, of the blue light on your TV set or the mobile devices that many people use in bed. Light and darkness are the greatest factors in your wakefulness and sleep besides the best adjustable bed sleeping positions.

Even when the sky is cloudy, daylight in northern latitudes still has 10,000 lux. Lux is a unit of measurement for the strength of light. In most indoor spaces, however, you only have 100 to 300 lux. That is why daylight lamps are repeatedly recommended for workplaces and seasonal depression.

This is why it is recommended to go out into nature with your child during the day. Put the stroller on the balcony. Go for a walk during your lunch break and let your children walk to school whenever possible. Retirement homes should dine with the seniors on the terrace, accompany people into the park and enjoy light and air baths again. At night, the lights in the rooms should also be off in the home of senior citizens.

Indoor air and sleeping environment

The pollution of the room air by furniture, carpeting, colors, etc. influences the sleeping climate. Your environment is the area in front of the house but also your home, which is why the environmental pollution in the house is also important for your sleep. Of course, above all, mold in the bedroom is unacceptable. You spend about 1/3 of your life in sleep. Therefore, the greatest attention should be paid to the bedroom and the ventilation of the bedroom. Your own nose is often a good indicator here. If it smells musty, sweet, or chemical, you should be careful.

Sleeping and environmental influences in the city

There are factors that you cannot control, such as aircraft noise, trains, noise from delivery traffic, and emergency vehicles. Noise bothers you, for example. Noise during sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other physical and psychological disorders. According to a study, the reduced quality of sleep means that the storage process is ineffective during sleep. This means that your memory and body can be impaired especially for children and their sleep.