Many cortexi reviews consumer reports had featured as content seem to indicate a misconception that Cortexi is a medical solution for solving hearing-loss problems. Actually, Cortexi is registered with the US FDA as a dietary supplement that merely promises to help those experiencing hearing problems or diffuiculty in hearing, by providing potent nourishments.

Cortexi Offers a 60-Day, Full Money-Back Guarantee

The company producing Cortexi is offering a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee to consumers who find the dietary supplement ineffective . The formulation is a blend of natural ingredients, mainly: grape seed, green tea and gymnema sylvestre. The latter is a plant native to India and Africa used in Ayurvedic medicine for lowering blood sugar levels of diabetic persons.

Moreover, consumers are constantly advised not to take medicines or supplements without first consulting their primary care doctor. The long and short of it is that those who buy Cortexi to improve their cochlear health have little reason to complain that the supplement is not effective as a medical solution for their hearing impairment problem. In which case, dissatisfied users can simply claim the money-back guarantee after 60 days.

If the company fails to give them back their money, it would be reasonable to complain about the 100% money-back promise as a false advertisement.

What Exactly Do Cortexi Makers Offer as Health Benefits of the Dietary Supplement

Cortexi’s claim of health benefits as a dietary supplement for improving cochlear health is that its proprietary formulation can help prevent or reduce the effects of age-related issues that cause hearing loss. The formulation was developed by audiology specialist, Dr. Jonathan Miller who wanted to provide a long term, eco-friendly solution for addressing hearing problems in all levels, especially for aging people.

Dr. Miller focused on using only natural ingredients, which he blended as an effective support for helping aging people maintain their auditory ability and overall cochlear health. Additionally, the Cortexi formula developed by Dr. Miller indicated efficiency in helping aging users maintain their cognitive functions.

According to the Cortexi product information, the proprietary blend consists mostly of herbals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They work together synergistically in providing cochlear nourishment that can strengthen an aging person’s hearing ability.

Reference to cochlear denotes the small, snail-shaped structure forming part of the inner ear, which experts say is the main organ located in the inner ear that functions as the main organ for hearing. Cochlear impairment or damage therefore will likely lead to hearing loss.