It’s not that you should never grow a tasty Purple Haze or Blueberry again, but as far as the environment is concerned, cannabis cultivation can still be a bit ‘greener’. It is bad enough (in terms of environmental impact from electricity, etc.) that most weed is grown indoors due to the prohibition of cannabis. Take these tips to heart and try to grow your weed a little greener from now on, when you can’t/shouldn’t grow cannabis plants outside. Mother Earth – the only mother that all people share with each other – is surely grateful to you!

Cannabis is a great and natural medicine. Hemp as a raw material for products like CBD kapsulės (CBD capsules) grows much faster than wood or, for example, cotton, and also consumes much less water. How ironic it is, therefore, that the cannabis plant – thanks to the cannabis ban – is mainly grown indoors. Under energy-guzzling grow lights, in grow rooms that need to be artificially kept at the right temperature, and where the wind blows out of a fan.

Nevertheless, as an environmentally conscious indoor grower, you can make you grow a bit greener if you take our tips to heart.

#1. Buy solar panels

Our own Willie Wietman has been struggling for a while to run his grow box on solar energy. He has connected his solar panels to a battery, to store the energy from the day for the well-known 18/6 growing schedule.

However, you don’t have to be a Willie Root yourself to grow on solar energy. You can simply have solar panels installed on your home. Your grow room may not always run directly on solar energy, but the panels do provide more power than your growing needs for your own use. Unfortunately, there is no longer a national subsidy, but you can reclaim the VAT on the purchase price and the installation. Does the government pay a little to your cannabis plants 😉

#2. Grow outdoors

It might be even better to just grow directly with solar energy. After all, is there one solar panel better than the bracts of a cannabis plant? Growing outdoors is simply much more environmentally friendly than keeping cannabis plants alive indoors with artificial light and wind. Unfortunately, growing weeds is still prohibited, but fortunately, five plants are tolerated in the Netherlands. In practice, this means that the police will come and take them away if they are tipped off, but they will not be punished for it. As long as no one complains, you can grow your own weed outside every year, at least that makes a difference.


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#3. Switch to LED

If you still have an old-school HPS-powered weed garden, swap your lamps for LED. Even highly efficient full-spectrum LED grow lights are now affordable to purchase. They also last much longer than your HPS bulb, which needs to be replaced every two to three rounds. But the biggest advantage is of course the efficiency; where an HPS grower is allowed to squeeze his hands with 0.7 to 0.8 grams per Watt, even many beginners get a gram per Watt under LED. In addition, the temperature with LED is easier to control, because not so much heat (= energy) is lost with LED grow lights.

#4. Use sustainable plant nutrition

You may not be so aware of it, but plant food also has an ecological footprint. It, therefore, pays off for the environment to opt for sustainable plant nutrition. In general, this means that you are moving away from mineral plant food. And if you are not a hydro grower, that is also easy. Mineral plant food is mined directly from the earth, and often in underdeveloped countries under poor working conditions. And then we do not take into account the shipping and plastic packaging of it.

It is better to use organic plant food that is often also residual material from other industries. Compost based on cow manure, for example. Or blood and bone meal from the meat processing industry.


It is a pity that only five cannabis plants are tolerated because the more cannabis plants you put in a grow room, the faster you can harvest them and the less power you use. If your green heart is bigger than your respect for the authorities, go for a Sea Of Green. In other words, grow a lot of small cannabis plants, right next to each other. You hardly have to pre-grow and are therefore ready for the same amount of weed faster.

If you are a bit afraid to pay for many cannabis plants upon discovery, then it is still worthwhile to train your cannabis plants. With plant training, you can ensure that your cannabis plants use the light more efficiently, and therefore produce more weed with less power. Training is all about optimal light distribution, but that is quite a story in itself.