More and more people are becoming concerned of the environment. That’s why even when it comes to aesthetics and beauty treatment, people would go for eco-friendly procedures. This is also true when it comes to hair transplant. While eco-friendly hair transplants are more costly, you can compare prices here – how much does a hair transplant cost.

Eco-Friendly Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures can be achieved through an eco-friendly way. This means you can get a hair transplant without doing harm to the environment. Eco-friendly transplants are also referred to as organic hair transplants. This is because they are done without the use of any chemicals.

The procedure involves injecting a fluid taken from the fatty tissues of the body, and it is combined with stem cells. This is injected in the area of the body that needs hair growth. The procedure is done under a microscope. This ensures that the fluid injected will only be used for hair transplant, and no other tissues are affected by it.

There are various benefits of getting an eco-friendly hair transplant. Listed below are some benefits:

  • The area that needs hair transplant becomes ready to receive the new hair.
  • Eco-friendly hair transplant procedure is quick and easy compared to traditional procedure.
  • The operation can be done without harmful chemicals involved.
  • Organic hair transplant has a better hold rate of hair roots because of well-nurtured new hair follicles.
  • Gives better and effective results.
  • Results are healthier and vibrant hair.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Hair Transplant?

In normal hair transplant procedures, the surgery concentrates only on the health of the hair roots to be transferred and less on the area that needs hair transplant. Normal hair transplant neglects to see that the area to receive new hair is lacking fat tissue. This means that even though new healthy hair roots are transferred, the success rate will be low because of the lack of fatty fluids. This also means that when fatty fluids and stem cells are injected into the target area, it has a better rate of success because it meets the target area’s need for oil. Thus, new hair growth is better, fuller, and healthier.

Eco-friendly is becoming popular these days because of the people’s growing concern for the environment. But also because, this procedure is better and more effective compared to the traditional hair transplant that the first few generations are used to.