Numerous factors determine the sexual desire of a man. The sex hormone testosterone is often mentioned here in the first place, but it does not play such an important role. Not every man who has high testosterone levels also has a particularly high libido and vice versa. In contrast, environmental factors can have a strong influence on sexual desire.

While physical activity and positive stress tend to have a stimulating effect, lack of exercise, obesity, poor nutrition and negative stress tend to inhibit libido. And for this, some men try to find the best sex toys.

The erection as a measure of male health

Are you aware that health and sex are closely related? Accordingly, erection is a fine indicator of health problems in men. For example, it provides information on the condition of the male vascular system. If, for example, there is vascular damage, this is often first expressed in erection problems, as the veins in the penis are particularly fine.

Erectile dysfunction

When an erection occurs, blood is pumped into the penis to enlarge and stiffen it. That means; anything that damages your vascular system also affects a man’s ability to erect. Conversely, this does not mean that potency problems only have to have physical causes. Depression, hormonal disorders or stress whether inside or outside the partnership can also be possible reasons.

What else disturbs the erection?

Certain diseases or environmental influences can also lead to erectile dysfunction. These include, for example:the best sex toys

  • Thyroid disease
  • Prostate problems
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Smoker’s lung
  • Too little testosterone
  • Environmental toxins
  • Erection problems due to fear of failure or stress

Stress can cause potency problems because the stress hormone adrenaline is poison for every erection. When initiating a new erotic relationship especially with very young men, erectile dysfunction can sometimes arise because the men want to be particularly sexually efficient. As a result, they produce too many stress hormones because of their excitement.

The future of men’s health

For the future, one of the greatest challenges in men’s health is to free health problems. This includes sexuality and the shorter life expectancy of men from their ‘guilty burden’.