The topics of sustainable use of resources and environmental protection are more topical than ever. online pharmacyPharmaceutical residues in the environment affect entire ecosystems and risk assessment is only possible to a limited extent. Environmentally conscious handling of pharmaceuticals is particularly important. This way, you can be able to minimize the entry of active ingredients into nature.

When developing drugs in online pharmacy, the aspects of effectiveness and stability are in the foreground. The medicinal substance must be storage-stable until it is used on the patient. It must withstand physiological conditions such as gastric acid, intestinal bacteria and liver enzymes as far as possible. This is usually the prerequisite for effectiveness and also serves to predict constant concentration levels in the body.

Online pharmacy: Prevention as part of the solution

An important contribution to water protection is the prevention of pollution. To this end, you must promote people’s awareness of the problem. You must strengthen the will to act sustainably. One example is the correct disposal of expired or unused medication because incorrect disposal via the toilet exacerbates the problem. And an increased consumption of pharmaceuticals increases the amounts that end up in the wastewater.

Sustainable online pharmacy

The concepts of “green chemistry” and “sustainable chemistry” have been around for a number of years. The goals are, among other things, to consciously avoid dangerous chemicals and their entry into the environment. In addition, the goal is to produce chemicals in a resource-saving manner and to manufacture long-lasting products. Pharmacies can incorporate and expand these principles into a concept of sustainable pharmacy, but they are not enough.

The guiding principle of sustainable pharmacy is to enable future generations to enjoy a high quality of life in the long term. For this purpose, aspects of the environment and therapy safety must be included along the entire life cycle of a drug. The aim is to design all steps from raw material extraction to production to the disposal of a drug as environmentally and resource-friendly as possible. This can also promote alternatives to drug therapy. Pharmaceutical research and development can be environmentally conscious. A preventive orientation in the health system, environmentally conscious prescribing and taking of drugs are part of sustainable pharmacy.