Environmental protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector. Dentist and oral surgeon can also improve their ecological footprint by protecting the environment in their dental practice. A sustainable practice concept encourages teams and patients to participate and is also an excellent marketing tool. This is how you deal sustainably with resources and materials in your practice.

Digital oral surgeon X-ray: Optimal image quality without chemicals

The digital X-ray works without environmentally harmful chemicals such as fixing liquids. Digital image plates or sensor technology replace the conventional X-ray film. This saves preparation, storage and disposal of harmful solutions. In addition, digital imaging reduces the radiation dose for the patient and at the same time offers you better image quality. The images are also immediately available and can be called up anywhere if the practice is networked accordingly. You can send digital image data without additional transport to doctors, laboratories etc. who are also treating or further treatment. You can save and archive this in a space-saving manner.

Oral surgeon digital impression: clear, precisely fitting and free of waste

The digital impression protects the environment, thanks to the material-free procedure. Impression materials and plaster models that would have to be disposed of are no longer required like transports to the laboratory. The high precision also minimizes possible sources of error.  You can reduce the number of new products and patients get by with fewer appointments. In addition, patients find the digital impression to be more pleasant, as they do not feel any gagging sensation. The visualization of the patient’s oral situation directly on the screen also supports you in communicating your treatment planning.

Goodbye paper: digital communication and oral surgeon practice management

oral surgeon

Thanks to digital data processing, you can reduce the daily mountain of paper. This begins with anamnesis, which the patient takes on a tablet in the waiting room or with a mobile device at home. In this way, you can record patient data digitally and import it into the practice software without media discontinuity.

Even the digital sending of invoices is possible. The prerequisite is that you encrypt the invoice file or the transmission path. This not only saves paper but also time in invoicing and postage costs. Many patients gladly accept this environmentally conscious service. At the same time, you also strengthen your “brand” as an ecological conscious dental practice.