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  • Study Reveals Pesticides Banned in Other Countries Still Approved in the U.S.
    A study conducted by Nathan Donley, a Senior Scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, revealed that numerous pesticides already banned or currently being phased out in Brazil, China and in EU countries, are still approved for use in the U.S. Donley’s study which was published by the Environmental Health journal, shows that the US […]
  • Living Corals : The Need to Survive in the Face of Climate Change
    Living corals face numerous threats as many reef-inhabiting fish are corallivorous, species that consume live coral tissues as food. Majority of reef-fishes prey on living corals, some preferring the soft mollusk types, while many others such as the larger fish species, feed on hard or stony corals. In the Indo-Pacific region alone (comprised by the […]